Smits v Roach [2006] HCA 36 | 20 July 2006

ON 20 JULY 2006, the High Court of Australia delivered Smits v Roach [2006] HCA 36; (2006) 228 ALR 262; (2006) 80 ALJR 1309 (20 July 2006).

The High Court held that the NSW Court of Appeal was correct in holding that the appellant was estopped from raising a conflict of interest as it’s senior counsel had waived the right to object at the start of the proceedings. The High Court held that the appellant was bound by the conduct of it’s senior counsel on the question of waiver.

The court also held that in determining bias on the part of a judicial officer, the appeal court must (1) identify why a judge might have decided the case in a manner other than on its legal or factual merits, and (2) explain the logical connection between the matter complained of and the feared deviation from impartial decision making.


Sydney, Australia

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