Land and Environment Court of NSW

The Land and Environment Court of New South Wales was established on 1 September 1980. It’s purpose was to be a “one stop shop” for environmental, planning and land disputes which had previously been determined by a number of different courts.

The court hears matters relating to environmental, building, planning and development disputes in New South Wales.

The court has the exclusive jurisdiction to undertake merits review, judicial review, civil enforcement, criminal prosecution, criminal appeals and civil claims about planning, environmental, land, mining and other legislation.

The matters determined by the court fall into eight classes:

Class 1: Environmental, planning and protection appeals.

Class 2: Tree disputes and miscellaneous appeals.

Class 3: Valuation, compensation and Aboriginal land claim cases.

Class 4: Civil enforcement and judicial review of decisions under planning or environmental laws.

Class 5: Criminal proceedings for offences against planning or environmental laws.

Class 6 and 7: Criminal appeals against convictions and sentences for environmental offences by the Local Court.

Class 8: Mining matters.


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