Representative or group proceedings (class actions) were introduced to Australia through the Federal Court of Australia Amendment Act 1991 (Cth) which amended the Federal Court of Australia Act 1976 (Cth). They have since been introduced in Victoria under the Supreme Court Act 1986 (Vic) and in NSW under the Civil Procedure Act 2005 (NSW).

Most class actions are brought in the Federal Court of Australia. The court rules require the following thresholds to be met before proceedings can be commenced:

  • There must be seven or more persons bringing a claim against the same defendant(s).
  • The claims must arise out the same, similar or related circumstances.
  • The claims must give rise to at least one substantial common issue of law or fact.

Currently there are a number of class actions either under investigation on foot in Australia. Some of the more notable ones include:

ABC Learning Class Action (Maurice Blackburn)

ABC Learning Centres Ltd (In Liquidation) – Chargeholders (Bentham IMF Limited)

ABC Learning Centres Ltd (Shareholder Action) (Bentham IMF Limited)

ABN Amro (now Royal Bank of Scotland) and S&P re Rembrandt Notes 2006-2 (Bentham IMF Limited)

ASAS (Group Action) (Bentham IMF Limited)

Air Cargo Class Action (Maurice Blackburn)

Air Cargo (Bentham IMF Limited)

Alcoa Alumina Refinery Multiple Plaintiff Action (Shine Lawyers)

Allco Shareholder Class Action (Maurice Blackburn)

American Mesh Systems (AMS) Class Action (Shine Lawyers)

Arundel Suntown Tip Class Action (Shine Lawyers)

Australian Capital Reserve Class Action (Slater and Gordon)

Bank Fees Class Action (Maurice Blackburn)

Bank Fees Class Actions (Bentham IMF Limited)

Bank of Queensland (Bentham IMF Limited)

Billabong Shareholder Class Action (Slater and Gordon)

Black Saturday Class Action (Maurice Blackburn)

Bladder Cancer Group Action assocated with Actos Diabetes Drug (Maurice Blackburn)

Bonsoy Class Action (Maurice Blackburn)

Brisconnections (Bentham IMF Limited)

Brooklyn Park Olives (Slater and Gordon)

Cash Converters Class Action (Maurice Blackburn)

CBA’s Open Advice Review Program – Commonwealth Financial Planning and Financial Wisdom Claims (Slater and Gordon)

Certain Lloyds Underwriters (Bentham IMF Limited)

CFA Fiskville claims (Slater and Gordon)

Class Action on behalf of people detained on Christmas Island (Maurice Blackburn)

Collingwood Park Mine Subsidence Group (Shine Lawyers)

Dan Bowl Tax Minimisation Scheme Group Action (Shine Lawyers)

DePuy ASR Hip Implants (Maurice Blackburn)

DePuy ASR Hip Replacement Class Action (Shine Lawyers)

DePuy / Johnson & Johnson Knee Replacement Class Action (Shine Lawyers)

DePuy (LCS Duofix Femoral Component) Class Action (Maurice Blackburn)

Elders Limited (Slater and Gordon)

Equine Influenza Class Action (Maurice Blackburn)

Fairbridge Farm School (Slater and Gordon)

False Imprisonment of Young People Class Action (Maurice Blackburn)

Financial Wisdom Class Action (Shine Lawyers)

Firepower (Bentham IMF Limited)

Gladstone Harbour Disaster Representative Class Action (Shine Lawyers)

Grand Western Lodge Class Action (Maurice Blackburn)

Great Southern – Cattle (Bentham IMF Limited)

Great Southern – Woodlots (Bentham IMF Limited)

Gunns Class Action (Maurice Blackburn)

Gunns Ltd (Bentham IMF Limited)

Hastie Group (Slater and Gordon)

Hazelwood Coal Mine Fire Investigation (Maurice Blackburn)

Hepatitis C Class Action (Slater and Gordon)

Iluka (ACA Lawyers)

Immigration Detention Claims (Slater and Gordon)

ION Ltd (Bentham IMF Limited)

Johnson & Johnson/ Ethicon Class Action (Shine Lawyers)

Lehman Australia (Bentham IMF Limited)

Leighton Class Action (Maurice Blackburn)

LM Investments Funds (Slater and Gordon)

Local Government Financial Services (Bentham IMF Limited)

Lynx Engineering Consultants Pty Ltd (Bentham IMF Limited)

MacMahon (ACA Lawyers)

Macquarie Equities Financial Planning Claims (Slater and Gordon)

NAB Class Action (Maurice Blackburn)

Newcrest Mining Ltd (ASX:NCM) Class Action (Slater and Gordon)

NSW Bushfires Class Action (Slater and Gordon)

NZ bank fees (Slater and Gordon/Play Fair on Fees)

Octaviar (formerly MFS Ltd) (Bentham IMS Limited)

Oz Minerals (ACA Lawyers)

Pacific First Mortgage Fund Claim against Minter Ellison Gold Coast (Maurice Blackburn)

Pacific First Mortgage Fund Claim against Philip Sullivan, Thomas Swan, Stephen McCormick & Ian Donaldson (Maurice Blackburn)

Perth Hills/Parkerville Bushfire (Slater and Gordon)

PIF (Premium Income Fund) Investors v KPMG & Ors (Bentham IMF Limited)

Prevelly-Margaret River Bushfires – November 2011 (Slater and Gordon)

QBE Class Action (Maurice Blackburn)

Queensland Floods Class Action (Maurice Blackburn)

Ratings Redress CPDOs (Bentham IMF Limited)

Retail Adventures Pty Limited (In Liquidation) (Bentham IMF Limited)

River City Class Action (Maurice Blackburn)

River City Motorway (Bentham IMF Limited)

Standard & Poors (Lehman) (Bentham IMF Limited)

Telecommunications Late Fees Class Actions (ACA Lawyers)

Thalidomide Class Action (Slater & Gordon)

Treasury Wine Estates Class Action (Maurice Blackburn)

Treasury Wine Estates Limited (Bentham IMF Limited)

Vodafone and Crazy John’s Class Action (Piper Alderman)

Worley Parsons (ACA Lawyers)

Westgem Investments (Bentham IMF)

Workers with Intellectual Disabilities Class Action (Maurice Blackburn)

Zimmer Durom Hip Replacement Class Action (Shine Lawyers)


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