R v Hunt; Ex Parte Sean Investments Pty Ltd [1977] HCA 32 | 19 July 1979

ON 19 JULY 1979, the High Court of Australia delivered R v Hunt; Ex Parte Sean Investments Pty Ltd [1979] HCA 32; (1979) 180 CLR 322; (1979) 25 ALR 497 (19 July 1979).


The Commonwealth Minister for Health was required to consider, when conducting a review of a refusal to increase fees, the costs necessarily incurred by the approved nursing home in the provision of its services.

In this case the Minister considered that the nursing home’s increased rent was not a cost necessarily incurred because it was higher than rent normally paid by other nursing homes in the state.

The court held that the Minister failed to properly deal with the application because the rent was necessarily incurred in order to obtain possession of the premises.

The court granted a mandamus directing the Minister to consider the application according to law.

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