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Crimes Act 1900 (NSW)

ON 31 OCTOBER 1900, the NSW Crimes Act 1900 commenced.


Sydney, Australia

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R v Makin [1893] NSWLawRp 28

ON THIS DAY in 1893, the Supreme Court of NSW delivered R v Makin [1893] NSWLawRp 28; (1893) 14 LR (NSW) 1 (30 March 1893).

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1858 | Lincoln’s Almanac case

ON THIS DAY in 1858, Jack Armstrong, represented by a young Abraham Lincoln, was found not guilty of murder in the Cass County Circuit Court case of People v Armstrong.

A witness claimed to have observed the alleged unlawful act by the light of the moon. Lincoln discredited the witness by producing an almanac showing there was insufficient moonlight that particular night and as a result his client was acquitted.

M’Naughten’s case [1843] UKHL J16

ON 19 JUNE 1843, the House of Lords delivered M’Naughten’s case.

The accused was found not guilty on the grounds of insanity. The decision set out the common law principles to be applied when making a defence of insanity.


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Observance of Due Process Law 1368

ON THIS DAY in 1368, the Parliament of England passed the Observance of Due Process Law 1368.

A person must be brought before the law with due process and anything done to the contrary is void and in error.